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Jefferson Digital Commons

The Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC) is the free digital archive for articles published by Jefferson authors, Jefferson-sponsored journals, and historical materials from the University Archives and Special Collections.

JDC Promotional brochure

Download the Jefferson Digital Commons promotional brochure:

10 Reasons to particpate in the Jefferson Digital Commons

  1. Free: The Jefferson Digital Commons can help share your research with the world via the World Wide Web. There is no cost in depositing materials.
  2. Scott Memorial Librarians: Librarians will help with your copyright questions.
  3. Exposure on the web: All files are indexed by common search engines. In 2008, a request came from Dr. Stephen Whitney at Rice University to include an article he found in the JDC in a print CoursePack for approximately 40 students enrolled in his MBA management course.
  4. Statistics: Receive monthly email alerts indicating the number of times your files have been downloaded. For example, the article “Pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of spinal meningoceles and arachnoid cysts” has been downloaded over 14,745 times since inclusion in the JDC. Increased visibility translates into higher citation rates.
  5. University Press: Create your own online e-journal, such as The Medicine Forum, or post your departmental newsletter, annual report, lectures, conference proceedings etc.
  6. File flexibility: The Jefferson Digital Commons supports a variety of file types including: Word, PDF, images, video clips, sound segments, data sets and PowerPoint files.
  7. Version control: You control what version is archived in the Digital Commons (copyright permitting).
  8. Personal pages: Create a personal researcher page to further promote yourself on the web. Readers can receive email alerts when new materials have been posted to your page.
  9. Stability: Deposits are given a stable web address, making them easier to find and share without dealing with broken web links. This is an example of a stable web address:
  10. Nobel Prize winners: Yes, even Nobel Prize winners are enthusiastic about the Jefferson Digital Commons.[1]

[1] “Push for open access to research” BBC web site. February 28, 2007. Accessed November 14, 2008.