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Jefferson Digital Commons

The Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC) is the free digital archive for articles published by Jefferson authors, Jefferson-sponsored journals, and historical materials from the University Archives and Special Collections.

Videos of Human Dissection

Medical school at Jefferson Medical College begins with a 12-week course titled "Human Form and Development," which consists of Human Anatomy and Embryology lectures and Human Anatomy lab. With just under 200 structures to be identified during the first week of anatomy lab, adjustment to medical school can be overwhelming. Jefferson students, working with a faculty supervisor and AISR media and instructional specialists, have created a series of dissection videos as an educational support resource to help students learn anatomy. Sections have been completed each year, starting in 2005, as part of Jefferson's Summer Computer Fellowship Program, sponsored by the Dean of Jefferson Medical College. This is an on-going program; additional videos will be completed in subsequent years until the dissection series is complete. Advisors include Richard R. Schmidt, PhD, Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, and Anthony J. Frisby, PhD, Director of AISR Education Services.