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Jefferson Digital Commons

The Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC) is the free digital archive for articles published by Jefferson authors, Jefferson-sponsored journals, and historical materials from the University Archives and Special Collections.

Resident at Teacher

A series of vignettes developed by the faculty and residents of Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University for the annual course, "Teaching Residents to Teach."

A new senior teaching resident new to her ward service on an internal medicine teaching rotation approaches the same encounter in 4 ways, with both positive and negative results.

Each act includes up to 4 scenes:

  1. preparation at the nurses' station;
  2. introduction to the patient prior to examination;
  3. bedside interaction;
  4. and follow-up discussion outside the patient's room.

The encounter involves "Mr. Jones," a young man who is admitted to the hospital with syncope and a systolic murmur.

The examples are intended to fuel discussion among faculty and residents about appropriate behaviors.

The video was produced in 2001 by TJU Medical Media Services Video Production Division, a unit of Academic Information Services & Research. See our policies for conditions of use.