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Occupational Therapy 311

LibGuide for first year OT class taught at Thomas Jefferson University


Scopus is the largest database subscribed to by the Scott Memorial Library.  

  • The database indexes 15,000+ journals making it three times larger than PubMed
  • Scopus is cross-disciplinary (Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities)
  • Scopus includes cited by analysis (how many times has an articles been cited in the literature)
  • Scopus includes complete reference lists along with abstracts without having to access full-text of article
  • Scopus offers proximity search (pain w/3 morphine = pain within 3 words or less of morphine) and (pain pre/3 morphine = pain must preceed morphine in search)
  • Scopus DOES NOT INCLUDE A CONTROLLED VOCABULARY.  In short, this means that you need to OR all synonyms when running a search (i.e., "heart attack" OR "myocardial infarction"