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Occupational Therapy 311

LibGuide for first year OT class taught at Thomas Jefferson University

Some research tips

  • Remember when using any OVIDSP database (MEDLINE) if you stop working, your searches are not saved. After approximately 10-15 minutes of inactivity (no keyboarding) you are logged off automatically. PubMed will remember your search history (click on Advanced under search box).
  • If you try to login into a database and you receive an error message with a licensing error or licenses have been exceeded message, just wait a few minutes and try logging in later. Also, remember to log off when you finish using a database.
  • Read any online tutorials or help menus available before using a new resource. Learn all the tips and tricks to help you save time searching.
  • Remember to work backwards. Use a bibliography to help find related citations
  • Learn as many related and synonyms terms before starting your research. Do some preliminary reading (textbook) and talk with your Professor. Use Google and your favorite search engine, only after you have exhausted using SML resources, including print resources. (Remember the library catalog!)
  • Don’t forget the librarians at SML are here to help you. Don’t suffer in silence. Set-up a consultation with a librarian or email your questions to:

               -Email a librarian

               -Request a consultation with a SML librarian