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DynaMed is a clinical decision support tool that combines the highest quality evidence-based information, expert guidance, and a user-friendly, personalized experience to deliver accurate answers fast at the point of care.

How do I create my Personal Account in DynaMed?

  1. Access DynaMed at your work-station computer or via one of the library links.
  2. Look for an icon in the top right corner Personal Account icon. Click “Register now” and then click on that link and fill in the fields in the form that appears.
  3. Create a password and click register.  

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Personal Data Retention and Usage policy, which outlines EBSCO’s approach to data retention. Once you select yes, you will be taken into your Personal User Account. You can now earn CMEs while browsing and access DynaMed from home.

To confirm that you are still a member of our institution, you may be required to reauthorize your Personal Account periodically. Login from on campus or from off campus via the library links and sign into your personal account to reauthorize your account.

How do I earn CMEs/MOC?

First, create your Personal User Account. Once logged in, make sure you have configured your CME/MOC profile. Search for a topic of interest and click on the article. As you are reading, DynaMed automatically adds 0.5 CMEs to the CME tracker on the top right. If you do not see them right away, refresh the page.

How do I claim CMEs?

To claim your CMEs/MOC, click on the CME tracker on the top right of the page. If you have not done so already, you will be prompted to configure your CME/MOC settings in DynaMed.

Configuring Your Account Settings:  Click the “gear” icon to configure your account settings for CME and MOC credits before submitting credits.


For CME settings:  Choose the type of credit:  AMA PRA Category 1/AAFP (choose degree from drop down menu); AANP.  Time-based tracking and Certificate of Attendance are other choices. Click ‘Save’ after completing the information.


For MOC settings:  Enter name, email, phone number, DOB and select appropriate board from drop-down menu. Enter Board ID and select ‘Add Board’. If you are certified in more than one specialty, select additional board(s), enter Board ID and ‘Add board’.  


Select the credits you would like to submit (one or more) and select ‘Prepare’. You will have to complete an “Application in Practice” box and click Continue. Click ‘Submit’. You will then see your credits under the ‘Claimed’ tab and you can view your PDF certificate there.

How do I download the DynaMed Mobile app to my phone?

Search for the DynaMed app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the DynaMed app. Choose “Sign In” on your device and enter your Personal User Account credentials. Once logged in, the app is authenticated for 3 months, after which you are prompted to re-authenticate. CME credits, followed topics, and recently viewed topics will be seamlessly synced between the app and your desktop computer. Learn more.

How do I Follow a topic?

To set up an alert, go to the article of the topic of interest (e.g. Cervical Cancer Screening). Click on the “+” icon located near the topic editor information. You can opt to receive an email update on practice-changing updates only, all updates, or receive no email at all.  Followed topics can be viewed from the home page and Recent Updates will reflect your followed topics.



You can also view recent updates for topics within your specialty.  From the homepage, under Recent Alerts, scroll down to “View More Alerts.”  Updates can be filtered by specialty by clicking on Category.

What are the benefits of DynaMed?

DynaMed provides current, evidence-based information right at the point of care.


  • Covers 36 specialties
  • Includes summary-level drug information powered by IBM Micromedex
  • Includes calculators, clinical criteria and decision trees organized by specialty
  • Provides updates and alerts of topic of interest
  • Organizes content in easy-to-read and bullet point formats point formats
  • Offers Drug Monographs and Interaction checker and Clinical Calculators for medical equations, clinical criteria, decision trees, unit and dose converters and more…
  • Feedback button which directs questions and comments directly to the Editorial team

How does DynaMed keep up with the latest updates in medicine? How frequently are updates made?

DynaMed is updated every day - multiple times a day. Changes are made when the evidence suggests, and all updates are clearly marked, noting what has changed and why – with references to the evidence.

Does the tool provide expert opinion to add context to medical knowledge and research findings?

DynaMed combines the best available evidence with clinical expertise. DynaMed’s rigorous, seven-step evidence-based methodology, robust systematic literature surveillance with daily updates, and clinical expertise (that both complements and clarifies the evidence) is intended to provide clinicians with the utmost confidence in information they use to diagnose and manage patients.  DynaMed has a large group of experts in their field who author our topics and make recommendations.  Their names, affiliations, and any conflict of interest statements are clearly represented throughout. Clinicians’ Practice Points provide guidance and opinion from expert physician editors on what is perceived to be good clinical practice in the absence of robust evidence. DynaMed Commentary provides information about the methodology or other significant technical aspects of the clinical studies that are critically appraised in the evidence summaries.