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Citation Management

Using bibliographic management or citation management software will help organize your research. With a few clicks of a mouse create bibliographies and save time formatting your manuscript.

Full-Text Download

We encourage everyone to use the full-text electronic journals for their research needs. Unfortunately, there is a growing market for pirated content and scholarly works that were downloaded and/or shared illegally. To combat this trend, publishers are monitoring customer activity very closely. Automatic full-text downloading, as provided by EndNote, can trigger a fail-safe in the publishers’ security systems that will block access to everyone at Jefferson. If one uses this feature in EndNote, please do so in moderation. Basically, please do not download more content in any given period of time than you normally would (or could) without the tool. If you have any questions about best practices, we are always happy to help.

However, if one has additional research needs such as data mining, please let us know. Some large publishers have data mining services that allow users to register and access data through other channels.


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