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Citation Management Tools

Using bibliographic management or citation management software will help organize your research. With a few clicks of a mouse create bibliographies and save time formatting your manuscript.

Word 365 Installation of RefWorks Citation Manager and Using a Jefferson-provided License for Word 365


  • Staff: request that IS&T provide the RefWorks Citation Manager Add-in from the Microsoft Office Store via the IS&T Service Now portal. If you are requesting for a group, please include their names, email addresses, and campus keys. You’ll then be able to activate it from Office Add-ins > Admin Managed as shown above
  • Students: do not need to submit an IS&T request, add-in is available via Admin Managed from the Microsoft Office Store

Please note

  • Windows: Write-N-Cite is only compatible with Word 2016 and below (2013 & 2010)
  • For Mac & Windows users of Word 2016 and above, RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is compatible
  • Finding the Right Writing Tool Add-on: identify the compatible add-on which matches your operating system and Word version, either Write-n-Cite (WnC) or RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)