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Jefferson Digital Commons

What types of material does the Jefferson Digital Commons accept?

The Jefferson Digital Commons holds a wide variety of material from across Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. The primary requirement is that the work must have been created by a Jeffersonian while affiliated with Jefferson, with a focus toward scholarly and institutional output. Below is a sample of what the JDC holds, but if you have content you would like added that is not represented, just reach out to one of our librarians and we can discuss if your work is a good fit for the JDC.


  • Conferences & Symposiums: The JDC also holds content from Jefferson-run conferences and symposiums. Each page has the conference schedule as well as any related slides, recordings, and supplemental materials.
  • Grand Rounds & Lectures:  Many Jefferson departments post their Grand Rounds to the JDC in addition to annual lectures, podcasts, and other audio and video recordings.
  • Journals & Newsletters: The JDC hosts a variety of departmental newsletters, peer-reviewed journals, alumni magazines, and student-run publications.