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Finding Full Text

A step-by-step guide to getting full text through Scott Library

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Known Issues

  • Some articles display in the library Article search as having "No Online Access" even though we do subscribe to the journal. In this case, we recommend looking up the journal by title to access the library subscription.
  • For ebooks in ProQuest Ebook Central, downloading the full book is not available even though it shows up as an option. You are able to download chapters of the book. 

I know what article I am looking for

You have found an article either through a colleague, a professor, or somewhere online. You have the title and journal information, but you want to find the full text.
Step 1:  Start by going to the Scott Library website
Step 2:  In the search box, choose the "Articles" tab and paste the article title into the search box. Then click the Find It button.

Article search

Step 3:  You should see your article in the results list with an "Available Online" link. Click the link to see your access options.

Article available online

If you did not see your article in the results list, you can check the "Include results from other libraries" box to find articles Jefferson does not have online access to. You will see options to request the article via Interlibrary Loan. This is demonstrated on the Interlibrary Loan page.
Step 4:  Choose your preferred access option. Some articles will have only one. Others may be available through both the publisher website and another platform.

Full text sources for the article

If you were unable to access the full text this way, please try the Journal Lookup option on the next page.

I found an article in PubMed / CINAHL / Scopus...

Many literature databases accessible through the library website include Jefferson library button full text buttons that check library subscriptions for full text access. Clicking on this button will take you back to the library website with options for accessing full text if available.
See below for examples of the Jefferson full text button in PubMed, Scopus, CINAHL, and Ovid.


When searching PubMed you will see Full Text Links on the right side of the article page. If you have used the PubMed link on the Scott Library website, the Jefferson button should be included in that list.
1. The Jefferson button is the best choice for accessing full text. Clicking it will take you the next screenshot with options for accessing the full text.
2. If you are on campus and the library subscribes to the journal through the publisher, the publisher button should take you to the full text. The publisher button will also work if the journal is open access.
3. If there is a PMC button, that will take you to the free version of the article available through PMC.

PubMed Full Text buttons


Jefferson button in Scopus


Jefferson button in CINAHL


Jefferson button in Ovid

Choosing the Jefferson button in any of these databases will take you to this library page with options for accessing the full text if available. If the library does not have a subscription to the journal, you will see an option to request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

Full text availability from the library website

If you were unable to access the full text this way, please try the Journal Lookup option on the next page.

I found an article in Google Scholar

Google Scholar does not automatically include Jefferson Full Text links in the search results, but you can choose to display them from within the Google Scholar settings.
1. Start by opening the Google Scholar settings using the three bars at the top left corner of the page and choose Settings from the bottom of the list.
2. Then choose Library Links from the list of settings pages on the left.

Access Google Scolar settings arrow pointing to the right  Find Library Links in the settings

3. In the search box, search for Thomas Jefferson University.
4. There are two options for TJU, check the option for the Center City campus.
5. Make sure to Save your settings.

Add the TJU Center City Full Text link

Going forward, you will see Full Text @ Jefferson links next to articles.

See Full Text @ Jefferson links in search results

If you were unable to access the full text this way, please try the Journal Lookup option on the next page.