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Finding Full Text

A step-by-step guide to getting full text through Scott Library

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Known Issues

  • Some articles display in the library Article search as having "No Online Access" even though we do subscribe to the journal. In this case, we recommend looking up the journal by title to access the library subscription.
  • For ebooks in ProQuest Ebook Central, downloading the full book is not available even though it shows up as an option. You are able to download chapters of the book. 

I know what issue of the journal I am looking for

You may want to look up a journal if you are trying to find a specific issue of the journal or if the article lookup option did not work.
Step 1:  Start by going to the Scott Library website
Step 2:  In the search box, choose the "Journals" tab and type the journal title into the search box. Then click the Find It button.

Journal Title Search

Step 3:  If Scott Library subscribes to the journal, you will see it in the results list with an "Available Online" option. Click this link to see your access options.

Journal Available Online

Step 4:  For some journals, you may see more than one access option. Often the older articles will be accessible through a different platform than the newer articles. Check the options and choose one that matches the year range of the issue you are looking for.
Step 5:  Once you have clicked an option, you will need to find the issue archive and navigate to the correct issue. Each platform looks a little different, so no screenshot is included for this step.

List of full text sources for one journal by years

If you were unable to find the journal you were looking for . . .
Don't worry! You can still get a copy of the article you are looking for through Scott Library. Head to the Interlibrary Loan page to find out how to request the article through our Interlibrary Loan service.