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Finding Full Text

A step-by-step guide to getting full text through Scott Library

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Known Issues

  • Some articles display in the library Article search as having "No Online Access" even though we do subscribe to the journal. In this case, we recommend looking up the journal by title to access the library subscription.
  • For ebooks in ProQuest Ebook Central, downloading the full book is not available even though it shows up as an option. You are able to download chapters of the book. 

Open Access Journals, Preprints and Postprints

Some journal articles have been made freely available online, either through publication in an open access journal, by depositing a preprint version that has not yet been peer reviewed on a preprint server like bioRxiv, or depositing a postprint that has been peer reviewed but not formatted by the publisher in an online repository like PMC.
For an example, this article from Tim Mosca has bioRxiv (preprint), JDC (postprint) and publisher (open access) versions:
The Tenets of Teneurin: Conserved Mechanisms Regulate Diverse Developmental Processes in the Drosophila Nervous System
For open access journal articles in PubMed, you will see a journal link with "open" or "free" indicated (1). For articles deposited in PMC, you will find PMC Free Full Text links (2). These are articles that have been made freely available through the NIH public access repository.

Open access journal and PMC links in PubMed

When searching articles in Google Scholar, you can find publically available versions of an article by choosing the "All # versions" option. If there is a version with a "" link, this article is available through the Jefferson Digital Commons. The "" option means that the article is available in PMC and "" means that it is available in the European version of PMC.

See All versions in Google Scholar

JDC link in Google Scholar

PMC and EuropePMC in Google Scholar

If you were unable to find a copy of the article you were looking for . . .
Don't worry! You can still get a copy of the article you are looking for through Scott Library. Head to the Interlibrary Loan page to find out how to request the article through our Interlibrary Loan service.