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Searching PubMed

Because information is being released rapidly and recently-added citations have not been indexed, some complex strategies are needed for thorough searching in PubMed.  We recommend the search strategy below for a more comprehensive search. Use the links or copy/paste the search string.

COVID-19 PubMed search: Jefferson Proxy link and Public Link

(2019nCoV OR COVID-19 OR 2019-nCoV OR SARS-CoV-2 OR "novel coronavirus" OR (wuhan AND ("coronavirus"[MeSH Terms] OR "coronavirus"))) AND (2019/12[PDAT] : 2030[PDAT]) AND english[Filter]

The suggested search strategy is PubMed specific and limits to english language articles and articles published since December 2019. The search string below removes those limits and can be used in many other literature databases.

(2019nCoV OR COVID-19 OR 2019-nCoV OR SARS-CoV-2 OR "novel coronavirus" OR (wuhan AND coronavirus)) 

Developing search strategies for EBM

You can improve the efficiency and efficacy of your EBM searches by using a clinical question framework and breaking the question down into the different concepts represented. The most common framework is PICO, which stands for Patient/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome. You can use the worksheet provided below to help you think about your question concepts and various keywords related to each topic. For more information on how to develop clinical questions and search strategies using PICO, see the Research Question & Term Selection page on our Systematic Reviews Support guide. 

Thomas Jefferson University EBM Answers

Created in April 2020, this is a compilation of clinical questions regarding COVID-19 in the early months of the pandemic. A team of physicians and medical students completed a literature review with the assistance of the TJUH library support team. Answers to questions were provided using an Evidence-Based Medicine approach. A bibliography is included at the end of the document.

This document is meant to be used for educational purposes. The answers to questions are not meant to replace clinical judgment or local practice guidelines.

Aoun, MD, Reem; Cheney-Peters, MD, Dianna; Chauhan, Kashyap; Claxton, Ben; Kazi, Abdul; and Reilly, Sean, "Thomas Jefferson University Hospital COVID-19 Clinical Questions with EBM Answers" (2020). Clinical Education.Paper 3.

University of Chicago Resources

The first page of this guide was adapted from the University of Chicago's COVID-19 guide. Their Educational Support Team has been working to answer questions from clinicians and staff who are caring for patients. You can see their work-in-progress at the links below: