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Data Management

10 Benefits of Depositing Data Sets in the Jefferson Digital Commons

1. It is free.


2. The Jefferson Digital Commons can deposit individual files as large as 2GB (Figshare is only 500MB).


3. Permanent URLs are created which can be used in biosketches.


4. We can cross-link to published articles, or even better, post articles with data.


5. Your data would be stored with the Scott Memorial Library, which has a deep investment in the intellectual output of researchers on campus.


6. Embargoes can be used for access control (6 months, 12 months or longer, customized).


7. Supplemental files can be added to any type of record or publication type.


8. We can help to customize a template for your data using necessary meta-data fields.


9. Here is an example of an article published in PLOS that links its data sets to an institutional repository:


10. Peace of mind in case your external drive crashes.


Contact Us

For more information on data management plans and storing data sets, contact our Jefferson Digital Commons librarian:

Kelsey Duinkerken, Special Collections and Digital Services Librarian