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Graphic Medicine

A reference guide highlighting the use of graphic novels and comics in medical education and patient care.

Graphic Novels at Scott Library

Almost 100 graphic novels on medical themes have been donated to Scott Library for use of the Jefferson community. These stories invite readers to understand and empathize with patients and their caregivers, encountering medical dilemmas with new eyes. The cartoon format with both words and pictures delivers a visceral impact as well as entertainment and information. Creators include doctors, patients, patient advocates and relatives, and others interested in depicting compelling health dramas.

The Graphic Medicine Collection is located on the first floor of the Scott Building. 

Highlights from the Scott Library Collection

Our thanks to Martha Cornog, a former librarian who is the graphic novel reviewer for Library Journal, for donating this fascinating collection of visual stories to Scott Library. Look for announcements of programming to complement these materials in the near future.