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Tips for Scott Library's integrated search interface



Q: How do I find the full text of an article or book?

A: Finding full text provides step-by-step instructions.

Q: What is the truncation symbol?

A: The truncation symbol for one or more characters is * and the wildcard for a single character is ?. A query can have up to 8 wildcards or 4 truncated terms.

Q: Proximity?

A: No, there is no proximity searching.

Q: My Campus Key works elsewhere. Why can’t I sign in here?

A: If you are new to Jefferson your campus key may not yet work for the library search personalization login. In other cases, you may need to have the IS&T help desk reset your password (215-955-7975).  However, clicking the view online link for an ebook or article should still work for eligible users.


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